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Do I Need a Battery Discharge Prevention Device for my Dash Cam?


With having a dash cam that will record the ongoings of your car’s surroundings, when parked, it is often advised to purchase some sort of battery discharge prevention device in order to make sure your battery doesn’t go flat during the night. 

A flat battery is possibly one of the worst things that you could wake up to before a long day at work!

What does battery discharge prevention mean?

Battery discharge prevention is the process of stopping an inactive battery from losing all charge when unplugged and potentially being unable to power back up.

When a battery is inactive, the rates of discharge are extremely low and almost unnoticeable, but when a battery is active, then the discharge rate will increase. 

Whilst a battery is not actively charging, it will always be discharging. 

Battery discharge is when your battery is losing voltage – if this happened with a car battery then the battery would die, meaning nothing in the car could start. 

Why does a dash cam battery discharge?

When your dash cam, that doesn’t have battery discharge prevention, is plugged into the sockets of your car, your car battery will be constantly discharged and lead to a flat battery. 

It does this as the battery will keep supplying the dash cam power until it runs out. 

Do I need a battery discharge prevention device?

If you drive your vehicle almost every day, say if you commute to work and back, then it may not be as necessary for you to have a dash cam battery discharge prevention device, as a general dash cam won’t drain enough power from the battery to make it go flat. 

If you are not driving your vehicle for a few days, then you can simply unplug the device to prevent any discharge and your car battery going flat. 

It is also good to consider the health of your car battery. If your car battery is practically brand new, then you shouldn’t find many problems with using a dash cam without a discharge prevention device.

If you don’t meet these two factors, then it is advised that using a battery discharge prevention device is best with your dash cam, as it is highly likely that you will suffer problems with your battery. 

Will my dash cam be safe without battery discharge prevention?

Your dash cam will be safe whilst connected to power without discharge prevention.

It will be your car battery which will be at risk, as the dash cam will constantly drain power from the battery. 

This is only a worry if the two factors stated above do not apply to you.