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Can a Dash Cam Drain Your Car Battery?


A dash cam can cause your battery to be drained which is a surprise to most. There are reasons why a dash cam drains your battery and there are ways to stop it from doing this. All these queries will be discussed below.

How do dash cams work?

Using the vehicle as a battery source, the dash camera will record whenever you are driving around from day to day. 

Some cameras are able to begin recording when it detects a collision or if it detects movement. All the dash cam needs is to be hooked up to the car’s main console. 

Can I leave a dash cam plugged in overnight?

It is not necessary for your dash cam to be left plugged in and running overnight as this is just the same as leaving your headlights on overnight; you will most likely wake up, annoyingly, to a flat battery in the morning. 

Leaving the dash cam plugged in overnight may also bring unwanted attention, leading to a crime scene when you wake up to your car. It is important, when you leave your car, to remove all items of value from your dashboard and out of sight. 

How can dash cams be powered?

Dash cams have been primarily powered through your car’s cigarette lighter. As the dash cam has advanced, they can be bought with a USB adapter instead, some also run off their own battery power. 

It is also possible to get a dash cam professionally installed and wired to your car’s power. 

Can a dash cam drain your car battery?

Annoyingly, the short answer is yes, it can drain your car battery. The usual culprits of draining your battery are the dash cams which are powered by a cigarette lighter and have an always power on button. This means the cam will always stay on and over the night will drain your battery.

How can I stop my dash cam draining my car battery?

Some drivers may want a dash cam which is recording at all times as they park their car on the side of a main road, meaning the possibility of a crash is large. 

The best way to get around your dash cam draining your battery is to hook it up to another rechargeable battery. 

This battery can be charged at home or at work whilst you are driving the car, meaning that the dash cam is connected to the car battery, but once you are parked, the dash cam can be hooked up to the separate battery making sure your car battery is not flat.