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Nextbase 322GW HD Dash Cam Review


Part of the Nextbase Series 2 range, the 322GW offers a decent upgrade on most of the Nextbase 122’s features. The recording and picture quality has better definition, the 2.5” touch screen is easier to use on the go, and it features an even wider viewing angle.

This dash cam is full of features designed to protect you while you’re driving, or parked up, including Intelligent Parking Mode, a sensitive G sensor, and SOS emergency response.

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What’s the spec like?

High definition recording

Record in 1080p at 60 frames per second. The lens is also compatible with the Nextbase polarising filter and module cam, reducing glare and giving you the option to record the rear and cabin views simultaneously.

140° wide viewing angle

Record more of the road than you will with many other dash cams. 140 degrees takes in several motorway lanes and guarantees wide coverage of the road ahead.

G Sensor and Intelligent Parking Mode

If your vehicle is hit, the G sensor will kick in to safeguard the footage. Your dash cam will start recording even when stationary, recording automatically when someone hits, or comes too close to, your vehicle while parked.

Wide 2.5" high-res touch screen

Control your dash cam with simple touch screen functionality. The 2.5” screen is easy to view wherever you are.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection

This is the world’s first dash cam with Bluetooth 4.2 and Quick-Link Wi-Fi. This will automatically send your footage straight to your phone so it’s easy to pass onto your insurer. Edit and share your footage with the MyNextbase Connect app.

SOS emergency response

In-built GPS records where a collision takes place, helping you to create a more accurate account of the event. It can also automatically alert emergency services when necessary.

What’s the 322GW like?

The Nextbase 322GW is full of clever features that dramatically improve safety for the driver and their passengers. The module options also make it easily customisable, giving you different views of the road and other road users.

Reviewers think it’s unobtrusive, as well as easy to install, use, and disconnect.
However, some think it’s slow to connect to their phone and the G Sensor can occasionally be glitchy.

Complaints are few and far between though. This is a sophisticated, reasonably priced dash cam that does exactly what you want it to with maximum efficiency.

Should I buy a Nextbase 322GW dash cam?

This model costs nearly double the Nextbase 122’s RRP, and for some it will be absolutely worth it to get extra features, a slightly wider viewing angle and better
quality HD.

If you want some extra peace of mind, the 322GW is a great choice.