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Nextbase 522GW HD Dash Cam


Nextbase 522GW HD Dashboard Camera review

The 522GW high definition dash cam is at the top of the Nextbase Series 2 range. It has a new and improved 3” IPS touch screen, a wide-angle 140° lens to take in more of the road, and smart features like Bluetooth Quicklink and SOS emergency response.

The G Sensor is sensitive and intelligent, while the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easier to record and save footage while out and about.

Built-in Alexa makes this more than just a dash cam too. It can also be a hands-free phone and music player, as well as give you real-time weather and traffic updates. 
There are tens of thousands of other Alexa skills available from behind the wheel.

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What’s the spec like?

High definition video quality

The 522GW includes 1440p HD recording at 30 frames per second. The viewer will get a crystal clear view of number plates and other essential info. The 140° viewing angle means you’ll see much more of the road too.

Quicklink Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Send your footage to your phone instantly. Nextbase Series 2 cameras are the
world’s first to include Bluetooth 4.2. Share and edit on the MyNextbase Connect app.

GPS and SOS emergency response

Your location will be sent automatically to emergency services in case of a serious collision.

G Sensor triggers recording automatically

Whether you’re on the move or parked up during a bump, the 522GW’s G sensor will record instantly, and protect the footage so it can’t be recorded over.

Alexa built-in

This is the first 1440p dash cam with Alexa as standard. You can use all the usual Alexa skills on the move, including making calls, playing music, checking the weather, searching the local area, and even controlling smart home appliances from the car.

What’s the 522GW like?

The Nextbase 522GW has a very high spec, and it’s been appropriately awarded for it. It was named “the ultimate dash cam” at the T3 Awards 2019, and a Which? Best Buy.

The 522GW’s features are pretty much unparalleled, covering everything from
straightforward safety to the handy extras that make your journey easier. It’s flexible too, giving you the option to plug in additional camera modules and film the rear view with as much clarity as the road ahead.

Should I buy a Nextbase 522GW dash cam?

The range of features makes this dash cam a more expensive option, but it’s
absolutely worth it for a driver looking for smart extras. In-built Alexa is a nice touch and this is the only place to get it.
If you’ve got money to spend and you want the best – this is it!