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Rear view mirror dash cam – which is best?

Car interior with rear view mirror on show for the rear view dashcam guide

So we have tested 4 of the best sellers on the dashcam market at present that provide a full rear view mirror camera. A mirror dashboard camera will fit on your existing mirror and fastens around the back of the existing mirror.  

They can help keep the look and feel of the car as close to as when it was new whilst also providing the protection you would expect from a dashcam. Plus there no unsightly cup marks on your windscreen.

Nextbase rear view mirror dashcam

The biggest seller by far is the Nextbase NBDVRMIRROR camera and with Nextbase being the biggest brand of dashcams in the UK you can be rest assured you will be buying a quality product. 

This camera can be attached to any size of rear view mirror and does so using 6 innovative suction cups that hold it in place. A backup strap mounting is also included in the box in case you feel you need that extra level of support. 

The great nextbase WiFi link is included with this device too so you can use the app and download the video footage to your phone in either 720p HD or full 1080HD footage to share online or with the police etc. 

With the inbuilt GPS it can provide you with your speed and also view your journey on a 4 inch hidden screen. Just tap the button to bring the screen and information up. 

It can take a micro SD card upto 128GB which can provide up to 16 hours of recording before looping recording and writing over the previous footage.

DuDuBell dashcam

Our second mirror camera is the DuDuBell Dashcam, we’ve added this as its a budget dashcam and is still a decent camera. 

The DuDuBell camera also has a rear view camera so can be classed as a front and rear dashcam. The rear camera is IP68 certified waterproof too which is pretty impressive and much needed in the lovely British weather. 

It has a right hand side touch screen which is ideal from a UK drivers point of view which you can gain statistics and video replay on. It will even help you with your reverse parking by providing the image from the rear camera when the reverse gear is engaged along with provide guidelines for parking. 

It does sadly have a maximum limit of SD card of 32GB which means that footage will be recorded over multiple times throughout a day of recording. This is though, enough for people who don’t drive too far in one journey.

Toguard Mirror dashboard camera

The Toguard camera boasts a 7 inch touch screen interface to help you keep safe on the road while keeping everything at your fingertips.  

With a front camera boasting a 1080p resolution and the rear camera with a 480p waterproof camera you’re covered both front and rear. By connecting the rear camera up to reversing light you can even get reverse parking help on the screen including guidelines for reversing into a parking space.  

The parking sensor and G-sensor will keep your car protected whilst in the supermarket car park. In the case of someone hitting your car while it is parked, the camera will record the event and keep the recording from being deleted from the device.

Auto-Vox A1 mirror camera

The Auto-Vox A1 rear view dash cam provides a 270 degree range of view which is much higher than most dashcams on the market. It provides both front and rear recording utilising a second camera for the rear of the car and films all of this in full 1080P HD footage. 

All the footage recorded on the device can be accessed and watched on the 9.88 inch screen, really convenient for quickly checking the footage in case of an accident. 

You also get help with reverse parking when the camera is installed correctly it will provide you with a rear view parking camera at the same time and providing protection on the road. 

The maximum SD card size is 128GB which is decent for a camera in this category. 

Super night vision makes sure that you’re covered in the dark too. A lot of cameras can struggle in the dark and having a camera with this type of enhanced dark vision will help you rest at night. 

This camera does not have GPS in-built which in our opinion is a slight negative for the unit. We feel this can be crucial evidence in the event of a collision. You can’t prove how fast you were doing with this unit.