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Dashcam Telematics: Tachograph Rules & Regulations

Under the EU’s driver hour rules, truck drivers must use a reliable and recognised tachograph to track their vehicle speed, distance and journey duration.The...

Dashcam WiFi functionality

We live in an age where we enjoy intelligent device connectivity, and dashcam manufacturers have adopted smart dashcams. One of the significant concerns with dashcams...

Dashcam Driver Awareness Warnings

Inexpensive dashcams are good if you are into basic use, though buying a quality and premium dashcam grants you the privilege of enjoying extra...

Audio recording feature of a dashcam

The audio recording feature is entirely different from video in the dashcam world. It brings in the issues regarding the legality of recording, which...

Parking Mode on a Dashcam explained

You probably have already purchased and installed a dashcam, and you are experiencing peace of mind while driving because your dashcam captures every moment...

GPS Location and Speed tracking

An interesting fact to know is GPS technology was made by Americans, and therefore they reserve all the rights to the technology. However, in...

Dashcam Impact Detection

You are busy retrieving earlier footage to prove your innocence from a motorcycle rider who cut you off wrongly, resulting in an accident. To...

What is loop recording on a dashcam?

Distracted driving poses a danger to any driver and other road users; imagine a scenario where a driver has to manually delete footage to...

Image Quality of a Dashcam

You have just had an accident, and you’re reviewing footage to get a hold of the license plate of that hit and run vehicle,...

Important features to look for when buying a dashcam

The number of vehicles on the road keeps growing and shows no sign of stopping, contributing to a rise in road danger through accidents...