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Dashcam WiFi functionality


We live in an age where we enjoy intelligent device connectivity, and dashcam manufacturers have adopted smart dashcams.

One of the significant concerns with dashcams has been obstruction. In some countries, you could be penalized for interfering with visibility for motorcycle riders or cluttering your windscreen, especially if you have dashcam add-ons. To some degree, dashcams with displays contribute to distracted driving and what manufacturers have done is build dashcams that utilize Wi-Fi and cloud technologies.

Dashcams that have Wi-Fi configured in them do not need built-in displays, and as a result, this cuts hardware costs for manufacturers. The dashcam can communicate with any PC, i.e., a phone or computer, in the event you want to retrieve footage or if you’re going to configure the settings of the dashcam.

Wi-Fi technology offers wireless connectivity to the dashcam by;

Connecting the dashcam to your phone or PC through an application provided by the dashcam manufacturer, which is available to both Apple and Android users. As the dashcam owner, you can directly stream or download footage stored in the device without necessarily having to remove the micro SD-card.

A considerable advantage to dashcams with Wi-Fi is that users don’t have to manually configure or retrieve video from dashcams while at the same time helping prevent users from going through poorly designed dashcam user interface and menu designs.

Another significant advantage is that the dashcam suffers damage in a severe accident; it becomes easy to find footage if the recording is accessible via Wi-Fi and cloud.

Something to note is dashcam Wi-Fi connects to your phone and not specifically the internet. At any time, using the internet in a dashcam, we venture into the cloud storage, which is made possible using the Wi-Fi feature.

When Wi-Fi and cloud storage is combined, you get the absolute benefit of a dashcam with both features because you can afford to store, edit, or share video recordings from anywhere and eliminate the stress of having to worry about lost footage. While considering the purchase of a dashcam, be keen to check whether the dashcam is standard with only the Wi-Fi feature or if it has cloud storage as a feature. If you are not sure, consider checking more detailed features here.