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Dashcam Driver Awareness Warnings


Inexpensive dashcams are good if you are into basic use, though buying a quality and premium dashcam grants you the privilege of enjoying extra features that add to not only the safety of the vehicle but also that of the vehicle driver and passengers.

What the driver awareness warning feature gives is technically known as the Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS) and explained as a dashcam feature that protects from road hazards while improving driver safety.

Dashcams that possess this feature use different ways to warn and keep drivers safe. Below are two warnings that help in driver awareness;

Lane departure warning

It is the top feature when it comes to ADAS. We all appreciate how image processing technology has advanced. It has led to the development of cameras that monitor lane markings that immediately give an audible warning beep anytime you veer off the marked lane.

Dashcams that have this feature have small display modules that give alerts on imminent accidents with cyclists or pedestrians in addition to lane departure warnings.

Forward collision warning

Dashcams that utilize this feature alert a driver of sudden braking or when they’re close to the car in front. The technology works by keeping tabs on the car’s acceleration through the G-sensor or accelerometer already installed in the dashcam, which gives a voice warning anytime the vehicle fast approaches an obstacle or another vehicle.

Responsible driving paired with an ADAS dashcam is a recipe for increased accident prevention.

Premium and quality dashcams make driving safe, and though we encourage purchasing quality dashcams, it is essential to adhere to all road signs and regulations while maintaining safe driving habits.