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Dashcam Impact Detection


You are busy retrieving earlier footage to prove your innocence from a motorcycle rider who cut you off wrongly, resulting in an accident. To your disappointment, you can’t retrieve the footage. Dashcam manufacturers have come up with solutions that provide footage protection by tagging crucial incidents and events as you drive.

Impact detection mainly observes footage protection and the G-sensor;

Footage protection

Most modern dashcams come equipped with the impact detection feature to avoid footage overwriting through loop recording, simply described as a video footage file being recorded separately after being triggered by an in-built G-sensor.


A G-sensor takes notice of sudden movements like heavy braking, swerving, collisions, and crashes. While all the incidents mentioned above are significant for immediate capture, some triggers are unnecessary, yet they trigger the G-sensor like, speedbumps and potholes. Most dash cams like The Nextbase 622GW allow you to set the sensitivity only to capture powerful triggers.

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