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Best budget Dash Cams of 2019


What is the best budget Dashboard Camera?

We heard you, all you want to know is, what is the best dash cam based on actual owners feedback?

Well, wait no longer we’ve put together a list below of the top 5 dashboard cameras based on the actual customer rating on Amazon.

We've added images of all the units and a nice table for you to see exactly what the best cameras are based on user feedback with pricing to boot.  

One thing to note is that the pricing is at the time of writing and they could have gone up, more than likely they will have gone down. Either way, make sure you check them out to make sure you know the real time price.




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Top rated budget Dashcam Ironpeas 1080p

Ironpeas 1080p Dashcam


Peba D60 dashboard camera



Accfly Dashcam

Accfly Dashcam


Budget Dashcam Crosstour CR700

Crosstour CR700


Crosstour CR500

Crosstour CR500

Dashcam no. 1 - Ironpeas 1080p Dashboard Camera - £46.99

Ironpeas 1080p Dashboard Camera

This camera has all of the features you would look for in a car dashcam. Coming in with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon it seems to be a great camera that the people who have purchased the unit are loving.

It is built on the powerful Novatek NT96658 CPU and utilises the Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor meaning you get the reliability of one of the worlds biggest electronics brands at a very affordable price of £46.99 with free delivery within the UK.

Night and Day footage can be taken by the camera too, all important when driving round the UK.

Night and Day footage can be taken by the dash camera

Loop recording means unless you have a bump there is no need to take the SD card out of the camera to make more space. It’ll handle up to a 64GB SD card when using the right formatting on the card. 

Built in WiFi means you don’t even need to take the camera out of the car to make sure you get all the footage you need in case of an accident.

G-Sensor technology will even pick up if someone hits the car while the camera is turned off.

Camera no. 2 - PEBA D60 Dash Cam 1296P - £49.99

PEBA D60 Dash Cam 1296P

The PEBA Dashcam has a slightly higher resolution than the number 1 camera. It promises to give you a better quality of video recording due to the fact it records in 2304x1296P resolution or known as Super HD recording. Providing you with a sharp, clean, detailed, stable video.

An average user rating of 5 stars from every person who has ever bought the camera it could be a steal at the price of £49.99. And is probably worth spending the extra £3 on top of the above camera.

The 1296P camera is equipped with the Ambarella A7LA50 processor and OV4689 image sensor, helping make this dash cam the perfect witness in any event.

Benefitting from the in-built sensor, if you have an accident or a collision it will automatically lock that section of film to make sure it is never lost. And won’t be erased using the loop recording function.

Loop Recording means you don't have to keep adding new memory cards into the device. It’ll just keep recording over the SD card you put in. A maximum Micro SD card size of 32GB means that it’s not got the biggest of storage capabilities. 

Night Vision is a must in a country like the UK where a vast amount of time is spent driving in the hours of darkness.  The PEBA D60 won’t let you down and comes with it in-built.

Dashcam with Night Vision

Camera no. 3 - Accfly Dash Cam - £29.99

Accfly Dash Cam

Again benefitting from 100% 5 star reviews this Dashboard camera is priced to win you over. Maybe you’re not sure of the benefit of having a dashcam just yet. This entry priced camera will do the business until you know you want to move onto something like the Nextbase 612GW

Simple and effective. It comes with 1080p recording which is pretty much a must have in a dashboard camera these days.

The camera has a recording angle of 120 degrees which also means it does the job well at getting as much of the road ahead into view and the recording.

recording angle of 120 degrees in 1080p Full HD

Hey, this camera won’t suit everyone, but the people who have bought this camera must like it. It’s the 3rd most popular camera on Amazon at the end of the day.

Camera no. 4 - Crosstour In Car Dash Cam Mini CR700 - £55.77

The Crosstour CR700 has a vast amount of reviews in comparison the cameras above. It is the top of the line camera for the Crosstour brand and has everything you want in a car camera.

It has an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

Crosstour In Car Dash Cam Mini CR700

Again benefitting from SONY technology it comes equipped with a SONY 2M CMOS Sensor  which helps the camera record in Full HD 1080P.

The camera lens is capable of recording 170 degrees, giving you even more coverage of the road than some of its competitors.

Loop Recording and the automation start and shutdown feature mean you’ll never have to touch it. Unless of course you end up having an accident and you’ll want to get the footage off of it. You will need to hardwire the camera into the car to be able to get this to work though so make sure you have someone on hand to help with fitting it for you.

CR700 with 170 degree camera lens

Again, the G-Sensor technology will help you record accidents and can also pick up anyone hitting the car in a car park. If it detects motion the camera will lock the files of the recording and not allow it to record over it.

Camera no. 5 - Crosstour Mini In Car Dash Cam CR500 - £42.77

The next camera down is the Crosstour CR500. The sibling to the CR700 above. I think it shows how good these cameras must perform for the price if they can get two cameras into the top 5 rated dashcams on Amazon UK.

Crosstour Mini In Car Dash Cam CR500

Again using SONY technology in the camera a SONY IMX323 Sensor to be exact, allowing it to record in Full HD 1080P. It can also capture 12 MP sharp photos that most dash cams can't do. 170 degree wide lens allows you to see 4 lanes of traffic on your recording. The 2.7" LCD screen can show you the video footage in quality and gives you a better visual experience.

170 degree wide lens allows you to see 4 lanes of traffic

Other than the sensor technology itself it is much the same in comparison to the CR700. I suppose the question to ask would be ‘Should I pay for the better sensor or not?’


That brings us to the end of our round-up of the best dashboard cameras based on actual user reviews on Amazon UK. We’ve included links to the products so you can go check them out and purchase if you want to.

We think the above cameras are great little units and they all come in under the category of a ‘budget dashboard camera’.

Leave us a comment below if you have enjoyed reading our run down, you’ve owned one of the units above or you just want to give a shout.