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Audio recording feature of a dashcam


The audio recording feature is entirely different from video in the dashcam world. It brings in the issues regarding the legality of recording, which I will explain in a few. The question you may be wondering is whether dashcams record audio? Yes. It is crucial to know whether a dashcam checks the audio recording feature before purchase.

The audio recording in dashcams is different from a plain video recording. In some countries, sound recording is considered unnecessary and intrusive unless you have a specific need to record.

Just as the name suggests, audio recording on a dashcam is a feature that allows you to capture video footage while simultaneously recording audio. Once an accident has taken place, you could find a third party self-incriminating themselves, like admitting guilt, and imagine how easy it would be for you to turn over a case against them just because of audio evidence.

A colossal disadvantage facing dashcams is that they can only capture what is happening to the front of the vehicle or the back. Using a rearview dashcam and audio many times helps explain what transpired from the side in questionable events, like another motorist attacking you from either side.

Below are some scenarios that show audio recording is essential.

  • Calling out registration tags or plates helps capture details if your dashcam is facing the direction of sunlight, affecting the camera’s resolution and clarity or bad-angle video capture.
  • Imagine a traffic cop giving you a ticket for failure to indicate at a junction, but then your dashcam recorded audio of the blinker sound; it then becomes easy to blow off that ticket.
  • You may find yourself accused of endangering another motorist by not taking extreme measures to avoid an accident but guess what? The dashcam recorded audio of your panic voice and the ABS kicking in, proving that you took all the necessary measures.

Now that you are considering the audio recording feature and more remember that you are part of the ‘party’ in the record when driving the car, which has no legal ramifications.

So when you are absent, like when taking your car to a car wash or for repair to the mechanic, it is advisable to inform them that the dashcam is recording audio to avoid any unnecessary legal battles.