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Nextbase In-car Cam duo – review

Nextbase in-car Cam Duo review

Nextbase Duo Dashboard camera review

The Nextbase duo dash cam is pretty unique for a dashboard camera. It has 2 lenses, the first for facing the road to the front of your car and the second to face out of the rear of the car to record footage at the rear of your car.

The duo excited us when we first heard about the product. Mainly due to normally needing to buy 2 cameras if you want to record both the road ahead of you and the road behind you.

Both the lenses record at the same time meaning in the event of an incident you should be covered for footage whether it is in front of you or behind you.

The camera footage can be plugged into the supplied software, Mac fans need not worry as they have both Mac and Windows versions.

GPS data is plotted on a map along with G-forces, speeds travelled and lots of other very useful information. Proving very popular when trying to deal with your insurance company as this data is normally very hard to prove without such a technology.

So what is the Spec like?

2 Lenses :

These are rotating cameras, both providing 720p High Definition recording of the road to the front and to the back of the car at the same time. All round protection for you whilst out on the road.


The built in GPS will continuously monitor you whilst driving, in the event you have an accident this information can prove vital to defend how fast you were travelling, whether you were at a standstill etc.

2” screen:

What is the point of having High Definition recording if you can’t play it back on a good screen? The Nextbase duo comes with a 2” screen big enough to see and clear enough to allow for quality playback if and when you need it. Perfect for working out who is to blame if you do have an accident!

Micro SD Slot:

Vital for recording and storing the video you catch on your duo camera. The bigger SD card you put in here the longer it will record footage for before it overwrites it.


Similar to the GPS in the unit the G-sensor is there to help provide evidence. Any sharp movements or unusual movements as a result of a direct impact, the Nextbae duo will automatically lock the footage from shortly before and after the impact and cannot be recorded over. Perfect if someone happens to hit your car while you are not in it or it is parked on the street overnight.

Check out James Mosley's video for the quality of footage captured by the Nextbase Duo Dash Cam

What’s the duo like?

When opening the box you have all the bits you would expect. The Dashboard camera itself, a power cable, data cable for connecting it back to your computer, the suction cup which will hold the dash cam to the windscreen of your car and a CD-ROM with the software for installation, not great f you’re on a MAC but you can download the software from the website. See they’ve thought of everything!
One big thing, there is no memory card supplied with the unit? So you will need to buy a separate Micro-SD card.

Just like the photos of the unit, it looks great! It feels very well put together, a mixture of brushed metal and hard wearing plastic make for a good looking unit.

The 2 lenses you can swivel so they adjust to make sure they are pointing in the right direction as well as picking up what they should be recording. The bright screen is perfect for adjusting all the settings to make sure it’s set-up perfectly for your vehicle.

It sits very well in the suction mount and is unlikely to fall out if you have a minor accident. The cameras need to be swivelled so the right camera is pointing the right way. So wide angle lense to the rear, it’s clearly labelled so you should be good with this.

It has its own battery or you can run it directly from the cigarette lighter/12 volt plug. Using the cigarette socket makes sense really as the camera will detect when the car is switched on and start recording rather than having to turn the camera on.

Should I buy a Duo dashcam?

There are much cheaper, simpler cameras on the market. Nextbase also offer a range of other cameras which come in at a much lower price than this unit and have much the same qualities. If you need to record both the front and the back of the car then the Duo works for this purpose. There are some niggles you will run into as the camera is at the front of the vehicle. So if you get a tall person in the middle of the back seats then it will record them having a nice drive. Other than this though its a great little unit.
At £200 it is an expensive unit, especially if you already own a single lense dash cam. If this is the case and you want to record the rear of your car it might be more cost effective to buy another single lense camera and install this. However, getting power back there in some cars can be a bit of trouble.
All in all the Nextbase Duo dashboard camera would be a great purchase to help make sure you are protected in the event of an accident.

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