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Dashcam Insurance Discounts – Who offers them?

Dashcam insurance discounts

Insurance Discounts If You Own A Dash Cam?

It’s true. Several leading car insurance firms are offering substantial discounts for dash cam owners. Brilliant news, I’m sure you’ll agree! Especially if you’re currently feeling the pinch of seemingly ever-rising insurance premiums.

The growing popularity of dashboard cameras has led to a sharp rise in recent sales. A trend highly likely to continue. With more people than ever now having access to footage of their journeys, it’s becoming easier for the police, the courts and the insurers to successfully apportion blame in the event of traffic accidents.

Rewarding careful drivers, happy to have their motoring filmed, is one way the insurance companies are passing savings on. A major factor in this is the natural reduction in fraudulent claim pay-outs.

Read on for the best deals and details of how to select the right dash cam…

Which Dash Cam Should You Buy?

With the market full of dashboard cameras at a variety of different price points, it can be difficult to know what you should be looking for. This is particularly true if it’s your first foray into dash cam ownership.

If you’re in the market to buy a dash cam with the objective of receiving discounts on your insurance premiums, here are some of the key things you should consider:

– Buy a dash cam with the ability to be permanently fitted (this is a prerequisite for some insurers)
– Get one with built-in sound recording (some insurers don’t allow secondary recording devices such as mobile phones)
– Choose your brand carefully (some insurance companies only support specific brands of dashboard camera)

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Here Are Some Of The Top Insurers Who Provide Dash Cam Discounts:

Swiftcover (10% or 12.5%)

Switcover Insurance logo - dashcam discounts

A significant player in the UK insurance market and a subsidiary of Axa, Swiftcover wants to share discounts with drivers who are safe and willing to have their driving filmed. If your dashboard camera is permanently fitted and records every journey, you’ll be entitled to a 10% discount (this applies to Axa too).

Swiftcover also go a step further and offer new customers an enhanced 12.5% discount if they use a dash cam by leading UK manufacturer, Nextbase.

Sure Thing! (20% Discount)

Sure thing insurance logo

A relatively new player in the market, Sure Thing! are ready to offer a staggering 20% discount to drivers who have a Nextbase dash cam fitted.

Established as recently as 2014, Sure Thing! are a firm growing in reputation. With great offers like this, they’ll be confident of continuing to attract high numbers of new customers.

MyFirstUK (Up to 30%)

My First UK insurance logo

Did you know that nearly 30% of young drivers (aged 18-25) who are involved in car accidents are either wrongly blamed or are unable to conclusively prove their innocence? This can make their already hefty premiums even worse.

MyFirstUK are a specialist insurance company, set up to help young drivers find affordable premiums. To make things even better they’ve teamed up with Nextbase to deliver up to 30% off their premiums. To gain access to these huge savings, all young drivers need to do is have a Nextbase dash cam fitted so that they can support any claims with in-car footage.

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