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Navmii AI Dashcam app Is now available on IOS

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Free and available for all smartphone users.

On the 16th of April Navmii, a world leading provider of maps and navigation solutions, announced the release of the Navimii AI Dashcam app on IOS. This free app turns any phone into a fully featured dashcam recorder, the news is welcome after the rise in crash-for-cash scams happening on the road more frequently. Giving driver's peace of mind on the road.

The app is a fully functioning video recorder which provided drivers the option to choose the length of the recordings and to also set limits on how much memory the app uses on the iPhone. All the recordings can be saved for later use or deleted as drivers please. With the Navmii AI Dashcam drivers can capture crucial footage of accidents and roadside incidents.

A recent study from the Insurance Fraud Bureau in 2018 showed that the increase in these crash-for-cash schemes are costing UK drivers an estimated £340m every year, this leading to increased insurance premiums. With dashcam footage playing a vital role when it comes to evidence, drivers feel more protected from paying out on a false claim. In fact some insurers now are offering drivers reduced premium rates if they use a working dashboard camera.
Navmii IOS dashcam Free of charge

John Boardman, CEO of Navmii, has said:

The Navmii AI Dashcam is a free app that offers functionality similar to a high end dashcam that can cost several hundred pounds. The Dashcam app provides a completely free experience without advertisements, demonstrating our continued commitment to providing the ultimate driver assistance technology

The app not only provides camera functions but also offers drivers alerts for traffic, approaching roadworks, accidents and has an on screen speed display. The app is available now for all devices.

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