Friday, January 28, 2022

Dashcam Guru, we’re all about helping you make the right choice when purchasing your cars Dashboard camera. We do our best to review as many of the dashboard cameras that are available on the market.

Within the site you will find dash cam reviews of individual makes and models, as well as comparison tables for individual brands along with comparison tables of the equivalent competitor models. Along with a run down of the best value dashcams of the year.

Please do get in touch if you feel we’re missing anything from the site or you if you have something to contribute please do get in touch with us.

We are always on the lookout for good video footage captured on your dashcams, so make sure you send them to us.


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This high definition Nextbase dash cam is part of the Series 2 range and features high specification video quality and lots of easy features.Recording...


Dashcam Impact Detection

You are busy retrieving earlier footage to prove your innocence from a motorcycle rider who cut you off wrongly, resulting in an...

What is loop recording on a dashcam?

Distracted driving poses a danger to any driver and other road users; imagine a scenario where a driver has to manually delete...

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