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What to do if you scratch your wheels


So, we’re all about dashboard cameras here at Dashcam Guru. However, from time to time we will focus on other areas of driving and the pleasures it brings. 

One area of focus we have recently looked at, due to personal experience, is what you should be looking for when you have scratched your lovely alloy wheels.

Knowing how to get your wheels back to their best is really important. Not only to the car lovers out there who like to have a pristine automobile but also those who have just leased a car and need to return the car.

Leasing and alloy wheel damage

When you return a car to a leasing company it can be an expensive experience. We’ve all heard the horror stories of receiving a mighty large invoice for the repairs required on a car. 

It’s not nice to get that through the door but you can understand at times how the fees might add up. The leasing company has to make sure the car is repaired before they sell it and they’ll just go for the easiest company to deal with to complete the repairs. Even if they are the most expensive, they’ll just bill it onwards after all. 

One area you need to focus on is the Alloy Wheels on the car itself. If you have scratched them you could end up facing a rather large bill depending on the leasing company.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment, what to bear in mind

So, until very recently, there were only 2 types of alloy wheels. Painted alloy wheels and diamond cut alloys. Until Lexus introduced the Chrome wheels that is, but there seems to be knowhere capable of repairing these wheels so make sure you take this into account if thinking of buying a Lexus with those type of wheels on them. 

You’ll want to look at either a standard alloy wheel repair company or a specialist diamond cut refurbishment company. Some will supply both of these services, such as Alloy Wheel Repairs in Bolton.

Do bear in mind that Diamond cut alloy wheels can only be repaired a certain number of times. So if you do have diamond cut alloys make sure you get them done when you really need them doing and don’t overdo it just because the aesthetics aren’t as they used to be.