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Are dash cams legal to use in the UK

Are Dashcams legal in the UK

Are dash cams legal to use in the UK

The short answer is YES. Dashboard cameras are completely legal to use within the UK. They can also help when the police are investigating crimes and may even be requested by the police if they know you have a camera fitted and may have filmed an incident.

So why are people worried about using a dashcam?

There’s been a few headlines in the past that have lead to people questioning whether to use one or not. The headline of “How your dashcam could land you a £9000 fine” don’t help this situation either.

There is a lot of truth in the title and the content in these articles but the headlines to effect a level of worry among dashcam owners.

One area for concern is the LCD screen

If the camera incorporates a LCD screen and plays back the footage whilst the vehicle is being driven along the road this could in fact be classed as a serious driving offence. The camera designed to keep you safer could actually cause you to break the law. 

According to the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 states that the screens on cameras must not be displaying footage at any time while the vehicle is in motion.

So, like on the Nextbase models, make sure when you choose your dash camera that you can turn the LCD monitor off while driving.

You need to tell people they’re being recorded

Another area of concern when using a dash cam, drivers need to make sure that anyone who gets into your vehicle that you are recording and check if they are happy to be recorded before the camera starts filming.

The best recommendation is to make sure that you turn the sound recording off and you don’t have a camera filming the inside of the vehicle.

Footage for the police and insurance companies

When you are using a dashcam in your car it can help gain a reduced cost of insurance. If you do witness an accident or anything that is unlawful you may get a request from the police for the footage you have on your camera.

If you are confronted by the police and they request footage, do not delete the footage. This is classed as tampering with evidence and could land you in a lot of bother.

Nextbase, who are the UK’s largest dash cam manufacturer has created a portal to help people to upload footage of any incidents and dangerous driving which then helps the footage arrive at the relevant police force.

You may have to attend court and you will be asked to certify you would be happy to do so when you upload the footage.